Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sad Story

We just got an order for a memorial portrait (on a jar) of a beautiful golden retriever. Ari's family took her to the vet for her annual check up and inoculations (she was 8), brought her home, and she immediately had trouble standing, breathing and just being. She was rushed back to the vet's where she was diagnosed as being in anaphylactic shock due to the injection (which she had many times before). She didn't make it which makes this story so sad. We think we are protecting our beloved 4-footed friends.....you just never know. There is so much written today about the pros and cons of the various shots and treatments for our pets and it makes you wonder. I will post a picture of Ari's jar when it is finished.

On a brighter note, our beautiful white cat, Snow (very original name, don't you think?!) was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago October, has had 2 surgeries and is supposed to be living on borrowed time. Well....let me tell you....she's borrowing that time from everyone! We certainly didn't expect to have her longer than 6 months so we are thrilled and enjoy each and every day we have with her.

Recent memorial portrait.

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