Monday, November 30, 2009

Hungry dog!

Well...I guess we have proof that our lids for the pet treat jars are non-toxic! We were at a show this past weekend and a customer approached me about ordering a lid for the jar she had purchased 2 years ago. It seems her dog got hold of the first lid and ate it! No side effects!! Only thing I can figure out is that the lid must have smelled like dog treats! I am now awaiting new photos of the dog so I can do the second lid for her. Love the custom orders with the custom stories!

A couple of our recent custom orders..."River", the Golden Retriever whose jar was a first birthday present to him; "Bob the Mouse" is an ACEO magnet; and "Sampson the Cat" was a memorial gift from a client to a friend.

Come see us at www.hearttohandcreations for gift ideas!!

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