Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Animal Rescue League Pet Step 2009

Two NH Etsians met up at the Pet Step in New Boston, NH, on September 19. What a gorgeous but windy day that was! We learned firsthand (and we've done many shows over the past years) that you do not...I repeat...do not set up a display that can act as a wall to catch the wind! The crash was heard throughout the grounds!! (miraculously nothing broke!)

Here are a few photos of Kim Beers of WoofPurr Creations--she's the one with the fuzzy ears! (check out her earth-friendly dog and cat toys) and Carol Butler (that's me!) of Heart to Hand Creations ....as well as a few of the Pet Step walk-a-thon participants.

And....by the way....the papain I mentioned in my last post? It's still working!!! Only now I am using Pill Pockets which is a terrific way to get medicine into a cat!!


elizabeth said...

Looks like a great venue. Who is that cute frenchie on the bottom?

Do you think my hand painted animal pillows would go well there?


Heart to Hand Creations said...

Wish I knew who the dogs were. I did talk to the German Shepherd's "mom and dad" for a while but the other two were distance shots.

Hard to tell what will sell at the walk-a-thons. I think Kim did well. We do custom work so our sales are usually "after the fact." There were TONS of dogs there, though, and it's a great place for this venue.