Thursday, February 11, 2010

Home Shows

You know.....I've decided it's time to get back to doing home shows again. Did them for nearly 10 years and gave them up a couple of years ago to concentrate on other venues. Have talked to some friends who are willing to do them with me so I guess I'll get out all the information, invitations, you name it and see about re-organizing it all. They really are a lot of fun and such low overhead when you consider all the other costs to marketing your work.

A little late for me to organize a Valentine brunch at my house (which is the way we used to kick off each season of shows) but I do have an excuse since I just had surgery on my foot (second one since a car accident....not our fault!....a year and a half ago). Aiming for late March for the first one this time around.

Will keep you all posted.....and if any of you are interested in how we did them in the past, I'd be glad to help out with info!!

For all you New Englanders.....think Spring!!

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