Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dogs and chocolate

Just read an interesting tidbit about cocoa mulch and dogs. Many of us use mulch in our landscaping to choke out weeds and add a bit of "curb appeal" to our property. There are many types of mulch to choose from and most are safe for pets. HOWEVER....cocoa mulch is toxic. It is made from cocoa bean shells and looks and smells like dark chocolate. For those dogs who love to chew on everything, this is trouble! For more information go to Cocoa Mulch Toxicity .

Just wanted to share a photo of our youngest grandchild. What cheeks! She'll be a year in late May.

Take a look at our black and white pet notecards based on Carol's artwork. Right now they are available on Etsy but will soon be offered on our website as well Heart to Hand Creations

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Beadyjan said...

Such a talented artist they're lovely