Friday, August 7, 2009


Whew....all good intentions, you know. I cannot believe I have not written on this blog since March...winter!!!

What a summer here in NH.....we've actually had sun about a week now! The poor tomato and pepper plants have given up except for a couple of hardy ones. The rain just did them in. Oh....the green leaves are fine....the actual tomatoes and peppers are practically non-existent. We did a show a couple of weeks ago in Ipswich, MA, and the first day there was 4 inches of rain! Eight vendors lost tents to either the wind or the rain itself. I went down to check on our set up and thank goodness we were okay....but the people across from us were picking up pieces of their tent when I arrived.

While we were in Ipswich I delivered an order to a couple who had lost their 14 year old German Shepherd this past winter and wanted me to paint a portrait of him. I had done work for them before (a portrait of their beautiful pure black, blue-eyed kitten who was a victim of the tainted pet food problem several months ago) and they contacted me about painting their "Jake." In the background, they wanted a rainbow representing the hope of seeing him again.

I arranged for them to pick it up at a show I was doing. When they opened it, the two of them started crying and then I was crying......and I said to them that people walking by were going to think that I was upset because they were upset about my work. In reality, they were crying because they were so touched but it did throw me off for a minute!

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