Friday, August 22, 2008

A Dog's Life

I need to get more in the swing of things with this blog. It's a bit intimidating for me but I will get used to it. the feel of fall in the air today. We haven't even had our summer vacation yet and already kids are heading back to school. Labor Day is too early on the calendar this year and that means everything will be starting back up with a bang and the lazy days will soon be behind us. Fall in New England is gorgeous and I love it but summer can definitely stay around a few more weeks!

We just finished orders for three memorial boxes for beloved pets....2 cats and 1 dog. It brings it closer to home that we haven't done one for Cowboy yet....I just haven't been able to paint his portrait to this point; but I think now that it's been a year since we lost him, I might be able to do it. This product we offer is such a bittersweet's a wonderful way to remember your pet and keep him/her close.

Our special Cowboy Jackson continues to fill our memory. This big black lab impersonator settled into our household with no problems and we quickly got used to his eventual 100 lbs. of adoration! He never thought he was anything other than a lapdog...especially when we were sitting on the floor....and would muscle his way into every gathering we had. His big cow eyes were always so filled with love; and when our grandchildren started arriving, he was instantly their protector.

He and our other dog, Kelsey, became best buddies. Oh....and did he have to be in charge when we went for walks. It was his self-assigned job to walk Kelsey. He would not settle down unless he had her leash in his mouth and he could make sure that she turned into our yard as we neared home. What a guy! I just saw a girl walking a dog when we were in Maine this past weekend and the dog was carrying his own leash....another Cowboy trait when we walked him by himself. There are signs of him everywhere!

Cowboy and Kelsey (we lost Kelsey in 2002) Christmas 2001. They were such buddies just like Cowboy and Sassy became.

We so love animals and we hope that you will visit our website and see our functional art which features not only pets but homes, scenes and people as well. We work closely with our clients to custom-make special gifts for their friends and family or for themselves. Next time we'll treat you to one of the stories behind one of the items we made.

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