Thursday, September 18, 2008

September Musings

We've been back from vacation for about a month now and it is still so hard to get back into the swing of the "real world." Something about being at the ocean in Maine in late August-early crowds, gorgeous blue skies, warm temperatures, warm sand and typical ice-cold Maine ocean! We came home to grass that needed to be mowed, gardens overgrown and somewhat cooler weather. Admittedly, that is SO much better than arriving to icy roads, leafless trees and a driveway needing to be shoveled! This picture is a preview of things to come in NH, I'm afraid!

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of our wonderful Cowboy Jackson. We had planned to give you a glimpse into his life with us each time we wrote in this blog but today is just a day for remembering our big goofy guy. Rest in peace, dear friend.

We recently did a show in Meredith, NH, and discovered something that sort of surprised us. We've always had our pet memorial box samples at the shows but have displayed them with some of our other pet items within the tent itself. Not everyone saw them even if they did come into the tent. For some reason at this particular show, we put them out front and we just can't believe how many people stopped and took our brochure on the custom boxes. It seemed like every other person walking by ended up stopping, looking and then coming in to speak with us. So many told us that they have had the ashes of their beloved companions but had done nothing special with the containers they had received. They just didn't know what to do to honor their friends. We heard wonderful stories about special pets and Carol even cried with those who had just recently said good by to their buddies. Pet lovers have a unique connection with other pet lovers...they are joined not only in their love of animals but also in their understanding of one another.

The memorial box with the cat and poem is one we just finished. (The box is really symmetrical...the photo was taken at an angle). The gal who ordered it supplied us with the poem which was given to her when she received her pet's ashes. We liked it so much that we wanted to share it with you...

'Tis just a little box
But oh have care
A very special friend
Is sheltered here.

His life was love
And he lived it with me
He will always live
In my memory.

Somehow this blog turned into something other than we had intended today but that's okay. Here's to all our special friends!

Til next time.....Lloyd and Carol

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