Saturday, July 12, 2008

A new venue for us

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!

We've been told over and over to write a blog; and the more we read (or rather, my husband who is also my business partner reads), it is obvious that blogging for businesses as well as for personal reasons is the way to go. I will admit that I'm the one who has been dragging my heels, thoroughly convinced that what we were doing to promote our business Heart to Hand Creations was just fine....and I will now also admit I am ready to head into the 21st century. It isn't that websites, word of mouth, shows and referrals still don't work. You just need to constantly find new venues which is hard for me...such a creature of habit.

We have been in business for several years now and have a staff of 3----our two cats, Jaz and Snow and our dog, Sassafras (a.k.a. Sassy). The "staff" oversees our business and so far the three of them have been pretty proud of their family's work! Our precious rottie-golden mix, Cowboy, was the senior member of our organization until he lost his battle with lymphoma last fall...gosh, do we miss him!

You know the story....a puppy arrives at your home via one of your children who has come home temporarily after moving out. In our case it was a son returning to New Hampshire from Colorado with a beautiful 4 month old Rottie/Golden mix named Cowboy Jackson. Sure enough, within 3 months our son found a place to live but could not take his pup. Of course, we had fallen in love with Cowboy and were not about to try and find another home for him so he was added to our menagerie.

Over a period of time, we'll be sharing bits and pieces of Cowboy's life with us as well as some of the interesting stories we have heard from people who have custom ordered pieces of our personalized functional art including pet memorial boxes and pet treat jars.

Take a look at a couple of our creations. These are samples of a solid cherry pet memorial box with a hand-painted portrait of "Dusty" and a pet treat jar featuring a portrait of "Hunter." Clicking on them will bring you to our site.

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