Thursday, June 24, 2010

Firemen DO save cats!

I got the biggest kick out of this story. Our youngest son is a full-time firefighter in a small town in NH and not much goes on during the week. A little while ago, they got a call from the police asking them if they were not busy if they could go and rescue a cat that was caught in a rock. The owner had called the Humane Society, Animal Rescue and the police to no avail but the police decided to find out if the fire department could help out. Nobody knew exactly what the woman meant by "caught in a rock" but they soon found out.

Not knowing what to expect, our son and the other fireman went over to the woman's house and she was begging them to put the cat down because it was suffering from what she had seen. It turns out that the cat had become wedged between a boulder that had been split in the middle and it just couldn't get out. Well these two heroes got out the jaws of life, broke open the boulder and out ran the cat, perfectly okay. So....firemen may not go up trees any more but they do save cats caught in rocks! At least in a small town in NH, they do!! Needless to say.....being such an animal lover that I am, I am very proud of these 2 guys! Four-legged members of families are extremely special and deserve to be saved!

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