Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pooch Paws

I feel so badly for Sassy when she goes outside in the snow and ice. She doesn't know which paw to put down and which one to hold up in the air. We have tried "booties" but they are pulled off just as fast as bandages put on by the vet! Her poor paws become inflamed by the cold and road treatments. Her skin becomes very sensitive in the winter anyway and this does not help at all.

We finally found a product that really helps. I was at the natural pet food store and was talking with the clerk there about Sassy's paws and she suggested trying "Musher's Secret", a 100% natural wax product. It protects the toes against snowballing and salt burn and can also be used on open sores. All you do is rub a small amount in between the toes and it does work!!

Great story behind this custom-ordered plate (ordered by friends of the couple in the painting as a wedding gift). The couple was vacationing in Switzerland and while there, the guy made arrangements with a local man to walk down part of the mountain in the background with his Saint Bernard. The dog had a small keg around its neck and in the keg was a diamond ring....you're right...he proposed! This scene on the hand-turned plate was painted from the photograph the man took of the couple and the dog. See why we love custom work??

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