Monday, December 1, 2008

Pet Gifts and more


We have been so busy lately with our custom orders for our custom-painted pet treat jars! Even if we are unable to fill your order for Christmas, you can give your pet-owner friends and family gift announcements telling them that a special gift has been custom ordered for them and they will receive the actual gifts right after the first of the year. Just supply us with a photo of the pet, the color lid you would like and leave the rest to us.

Over the past couple of years, our poor dog, Sassy, has had an awful time from late October until around mid-April with her skin. She is fine during the summer when the windows are open and the heat is not on. Once the house is buttoned up for the winter, she starts to scratch and sores appear everywhere. We've had her tested for allergies and have tried all kinds of medications and nothing seemed to work. This year we decided to get a humidifier and already it is making a difference. After doing some research on the web to find a way to treat her irritated skin, we found an article suggesting using 100% aloe (which is not harmful should she lick the area that is treated). We haven't completely cleared up the problem yet but it is a far cry better than it has been. (Yes....we've had her tested for food allergies and that's not what's causing this.)

Maybe this will be of some help to those of you who go through the same thing. Actually, the humidifier is also helping our cat, Snow, who also suffers from itchy skin in the winter.

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